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Senin, 24 Mei 2010

Beautiful by Devine Interior Design

Beautiful by Devine Interior Design


Above angel - This is the alone angel that I apperceive the antecedent of - I begin this admirable account on Living Etc is was a featured home on the forum...the autogenous of the abode is as appropriately impressive. For a baby terrace garden the owners accept absolutely acclimated the amplitude able-bodied and I adulation the baptize affection abutting to the steps.

Above angel - This images makes me anticipate of an aged brace maybe in there backward 60's that adulation to garden but appetite article low aliment so they can tend to the plants in there blooming abode together. Sad but this is what this angel makes me anticipate of.

It is simple and chaste with beautifully accomplished trees.

First angel - I would adulation to accept a Juliette balcony, it best acceptable wouldn't be in the UK though. Anywhere in France or Italy would be fine! I don't apperceive if I could do after a garden.I adulation the abstraction of accepting herbs growing in planters and accepting the aroma of Lavender in the air though.

Above angel - Really who couldn't like this garden, the basement looks acutely adequate and the garden above attractive actual absorbing and vast.


House by divine interior design

The bathroom does seem limited for space, however the wall hung basin and toilet work well in keeping the floor clear. I also love the fact there are built-in mirrors opposite each other, which will definitely give a sense of infinity when you look into them. However for me personally the bathroom does lack colour, it would be lovely to see abit of lime in there!

Oh how I love this kitchen! The stainless steel worktops are a wonderful contrast to the original flooring and lovely wooden Tam Tam stools really give it a more personal edge. The lighting is quirky but understated, all round I think this is a simple elegant kitchen that obviously doesn't take the main focus of the house.

I have to say I am unsure about the mirror above. The sizing of it and placing it opposite the lovely original window is perfect, but the style seems abit to harsh for the interior. However the Eames rocker is lovely paired with the floating shelf.

The minute I found this lovely house on the Internet, I had to post it. I really do love Edwardian properties..similar to Victorian houses but the features seem simpler and less 'heavy', also I love large hallways with the wider staircase, which Edwardian homes seem to have.
The main living area doesn't really seem to follow any style but maybe that is what I like about it so much. That and the wonderful mirrored alcoves, they have to be my favourite part of the. I love the fact that they are to the floor, as many alcoves include storage of some kind so the mirrors only go half way. Also I love how there is a tint to the mirrors. Just beautiful.

Apartment by Devine Interior Design

In the sought after location of Stockholm lies this charming apartment that dates back to 1899, the owners have done a more than impressive job of creating a harmonious balance. Retaining the traditional Swedish features while keeping the interior design, contemporary.
Throughout the apartment the parquet flooring seems to give a warmth and depth, especially so in the elegant hallway that leads onto a balcony. The walls painted a warmer tone to compliment the flooring.

The balcony isn't to my taste however the painted mural is a wonderful idea when there is no view to speak of. The potted purple and blue heather's also add a relaxed atmosphere to the space. It is however lacking some colour or a few quirky accessories for myself.
This is where the apartment seems to really come into it's own, such wonderful key iconic pieces and a lot of natural light
This is the inner lounge, ah what it is to be Swedish! The star parquet flooring, the panelling, the amazing ceiling makes this room shine with or without furniture really! However the simple central black and white furniture works with the period features wonderfully.
The typical red and white Scandinavian kitchen almost doesn't seem part of the same apartment. However it has a sense of being tucked away which creates a homely feel especially with the black range and the small but perfectly formed seating area.

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